Two citizens appointed to the Order of Saint-Eustache

As part of the twelfth edition of the Order of Saint-Eustache, on October 20, the City of Saint-Eustache paid tribute to two deserving citizens at the Center d’art La petite Église. Thus, Mrs. Ginette Dépatie and Mr. André Roy received the highest honorary distinction awarded by the City to its citizens. The event took place in the presence of the mayor, city councilor Nicole Carignan-Lefebvre, members of the jury and recipients who were accompanied, for the occasion, by their respective guests.

The mayor, Mr. Pierre Charron, addressed the audience: “We have the honor to highlight the commitment of an exceptional woman and man, whose actions, gestures and the achievements reflect on our entire community. What makes the beauty, the richness and the strength of a community is being able to count such inspiring people in its ranks. Ms. Dépatie and Mr. Roy, each in their own way, are among our best ambassadors and we can easily recognize them as visionaries, leaders, but also people deeply rooted in their community ”.


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In fact, Ms. Dépatie has been involved with young mothers who have been in a vulnerable situation for 40 years now, through the Center Marie Eve. In addition to her role as a facilitator, she sees to the recruitment and training of volunteers, while sitting on consultation tables in the community. In addition, she participates in the establishment of branches of the Center Marie Eve in other cities of the Lower Laurentians.

Mr. Roy, meanwhile, helped promote the athletes of Saint-Eustache and the region for half a century as director of sports pages, then director of public relations for the weeklies L’Éveil and La Concorde. He was interested in both amateur and professional athletes, wielding the pen as well as the camera. Over the years, he has also involved himself in many charitable causes close to his heart.

For these nominations, a jury made up of former recipients and honorary members from different backgrounds was responsible for analyzing all the nominations received within the framework of the Order of Saint-Eustache, according to the established criteria. The 2021 jury was made up of Ms. Marion H. Gérard, President, Ms. Hélène Levasseur-Trudelle and Carole Héroux as well as MM. Antonio Lavigne and Michel Rousseau. The judges were accompanied by Ms. Nicole Carignan-Lefebvre, President of the Communications and Citizen Relations Commission.

“It was in 2006 that the members of the municipal council decided to establish this recognition, so that it could be registered over time. Since then, twelve editions of the Order of Saint-Eustache have been held, in the framework of which thirty-five people have been named Grandes Citoyennes ou Grands Citoyens de Saint-Eustache. We are really happy to have been able to pay a lasting tribute to these distinguished citizens, ”recalled Ms. Carignan-Lefebvre.