In April, Lorraine proudly earned the certification “Friendly City Monarchs” a recognition awarded to municipalities

In April, Lorraine proudly earned the certification “Friendly City Monarchs” a recognition awarded to municipalities by three organizations: David Suzuki Foundation, Commission for Environmental Cooperation and Space for Life. This certification recognizes that the City is actively participating, through concrete actions, in the protection and restoration of the habitat of the monarch butterfly, a species of butterfly designated “special concern” in Canada.
Here are the initiatives put in place:

  • Adoption by the municipal council of a declaration aimed at increasing awareness of the decline in monarch populations and the fact that this insect requires that we create and protect the habitats necessary for its survival ;
  • In the week of May 17: free distribution of 500 bags of milkweed seeds (plant essential to the survival of this butterfly) to citizens of Lorraine. The female lays strictly on the milkweed, on which the caterpillars feed;
  • Involvement of the City of Lorraine in the regional project for the conservation of the Grand Coteau forest corridor, on the northern crown of Montreal;
  • Regulations ensuring strict control of pesticides on the territory of the city;
  • Ecoconseil service aimed at promoting ecological pest control;
  • Publication and distribution of the Biodiversity guide, it starts at home!, which allows citizens to participate in maintaining biodiversity.
    The mayor of Lorraine is proud to see the City participate once again in a biodiversity conservation project: “Since its very foundation, the City has put the principles of sustainable development as a priority in the projects it carries out. Our actions today have an impact on the quality of life of the citizens of tomorrow. Preserving our green spaces and the species that share our environment is essential. I think that each of us, both institutions and citizens, have an immense responsibility: to protect the environment and living beings who depend entirely on our choices and actions. »

In recent months, the citizens of Saint-Eustache, artists from the region, members of cultural organizations and people interested in culture were invited to identify the challenges and opportunities and to unveil their aspirations for the new Saint-Eustache Cultural Policy through a survey and a virtual public consultation.
With clear interest and significant participation, several dozen ideas and suggested courses of action were shared in connection with the following five areas of intervention:
accessibility and participation;
cultural dynamism;
identity, pride and belonging;
the cultural environment;
projects and future prospects.
Using a new survey on the prioritization of actions, the City is now inviting the population to identify the ideas that, in their opinion, should be part of the action plan of the future Cultural Policy since this will guide decisions. of municipal administration for the next five years.


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In Sainte-Thérèse, residents will be happy to learn that swimming lessons will be back this year at the heated swimming pool in Richelieu Park! Registration is open and the session will begin on June 21.
From initiation activities for toddlers, to supervised workouts for adults, including aquafitness classes, there is something for everyone. During the meetings, all sanitary measures will be respected to ensure the safety of the participants.
“We are happy to be able to offer lessons in a safe environment, we have missed organized sport in recent months! It is therefore with great enthusiasm that I invite young and old to register now in order to take full advantage of the summer season at the Richelieu Park swimming pool, ”said Sylvie Surprenant, mayor of Sainte-Thérèse.

In Blainville, due to the current situation surrounding COVID-19, the development of an outdoor terrace for the consumption of food or drinks will be exceptionally authorized for the businesses that need it. Before proceeding, prior authorization from the Urban Planning and Sustainable Development Department as well as the Fire Safety Department is required to ensure that these developments will not interfere with the movement of pedestrians, vehicles or interventions. emergency services and that they will not obstruct access doors.
These developments are only authorized in addition to a restaurant use or a dairy bar use with an occupancy certificate issued by the City and will be authorized exceptionally until November 15, 2021 This special permission in no way authorizes these adjustments for any other subsequent year.

The City of Boisbriand is continuing its series of aerial photographic capture missions by drone, the result of an agreement concluded with the IVÉO organization. These missions aim to ensure improved management of municipal infrastructure.
“The use of drones is part of our desire to use innovative technological means to document our efforts. We believe that the information gathered in this way will facilitate our decision-making and improve our service delivery, ”said Mayor Marlene Cordato.
The thermal imagery, photogrammetry and modeling that will result from the missions will allow the City to better plan the required short and long-term interventions on its infrastructures in order to take concrete actions to improve their efficiency.
In April, a first mission was carried out to detect heat loss from municipal buildings, in particular at the town hall and at the creation center (former Notre-Dame-de-Fatima church). Technical surveys were also made to ascertain the condition of the coating of these buildings, the roof, the foundation, the frames and the windows. This operation was conducted by the firm Exo Tactik, a Quebec leader in specialized air support.
In May, a drone took new recordings. The area flown over extended over 4 km2, i.e. the area between René-Lévesque Park (BMX track) and the banks of the Mille Îles River.
It should be noted that subsequent flights are also planned for the summer and fall of 2021.