Youth Protection of Quebec: A year of pandemic and reports increase

The CISSS des Laurentides released the yearly report of the directors of Youth Protection (DYP) of Quebec for the year 2020 (Bilan annuel des directrices et des directeurs de la protection de la jeunesse/directeurs provinciaux du Québec)
The year 2019-2020 brought its share of challenges for the DYPs. Confronted, at the end of the year, with the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, they had to quickly adapt their service offer and their practices to continue, with their teams, to meet the needs of children, young people and their family.

Increase in reports, family tragedies, special commission on children’s rights and youth protection: the last year will have been a turning point in the history of youth protection
in Quebec.


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“Stronger together! », Is the title chosen for this 17th report which aims to highlight the importance of working in partnership and pay tribute to its craftsmen. Whether it is the support provided by the neighbor, by the attentive listening teacher or by stakeholders and organizations from various backgrounds, each benevolent action counts and adds up to one another to weave the net of social protection essential to the well-being of children.

The desire to ensure a sensitive and quality response to the needs of children and their families encourages many people and just as many organizations to work in close collaboration every day. The DYPs share this desire, convinced that concerted, innovative action driven by values and a common vision can only make us stronger collectively in the achievement of our mission of protecting children.

Provincial statistics 2019-2020
• 118,316 reports processed in Quebec, an increase of 12% compared to last year.
• 36.8% of reports were accepted.
• 324 child cases reported per day, 35 more cases each day than last year.
• 64.7% of children whose situation is taken care of by the DYPs have remained in their family environment or with significant third parties.
• 9,041 youth received services under the Youth Criminal Justice Act (YCJA), which is an 8.5% decrease from last year.

Statistics for the Laurentides region 2019-2020
• 11,199 reports processed in the Laurentians, an increase of 6.21% compared to last year.
• 34.9% of reports were accepted.
• 55.2% of children whose situation is taken care of by the DYPs remained in their
family environment or with significant third parties.
• 775 youth received services under the YCJA, a decrease of 6.9% from last year.
• 3,594 children were taken care of by the DPJ in 2020 compared to 3,311 in 2019.