Access to open swimming at the Aquatic Center offered to non-residents

As of Monday, July 27, non-residents of Blainville will in turn have access to free-swimming time slots offered by the Aquatic Center. As the capacity of the pools is reduced, reservations remain compulsory for free swimming sessions, lasting 60 minutes. Reservations, made with the Accès Blainville non-resident card, are possible from 7 a.m. the day before the chosen time slot and up to 30 minutes before the start of it. Payment must be made at the counter, preferably by card or with exact cash.
Visitors must comply with the sanitary measures in force: hand disinfection at the entrance, respect for distance rules (2 meters), wearing a mask compulsory in public areas, but prohibited in the water (for children from 2 to 11 years old, the mask is recommended but not compulsory), have their own water bottle (water fountains closed). In addition, a soapy shower is mandatory before entering the pools. Families are also requested to find a way to identify their group (eg: scarf on the wrist) to justify proximity
Changing rooms and toilets
Access to changing rooms and toilets is limited and lockers are not available. It is preferable to arrive with your swimsuit and to plan a large bag to deposit your personal effects, this one can be brought on the edge of the swimming pool. After swimming, one person (or family) will be admitted to the changing rooms at a time. Only one mixed toilet will be available on the side of the pools.
The cash register and changing rooms are opened fifteen minutes before the start of the free swim and the changing rooms close 30 minutes after the end of the activities. Access to the pools through the door leading from the changing room to the pool enclosure is permitted at the exact time only, for security reasons. Users are liable to expulsion in the event of non-compliance with the instructions.