Breaking & entering and assault in Rosemère

A man in his twenties was injured in his hand by a stabbing weapon early Saturday March 6, 2021 on Northcote Street in Rosemère. Two suspects in their twenties were arrested in the same area following a break-in that went wrong.
According to Sergeant Karine Desaulniers of the Régie intermunicipale de police Thérèse-De Blainville, the incident occurred around 7:40 am on Northcote street.
“The speed of the police allowed the arrest of two suspects in their twenties in the same area,” said Ms. Desaulniers.
An investigation was launched and a perimeter was created by the police. The scene will be appraised by Judicial Identity. The two suspects were to be met by investigators on Saturday, as were witnesses.
“According to initial information, there is a link between the adults involved, so the house was not chosen at random,” added Sergeant Desaulniers, thus wanting to reassure the residents of the area.