Mr. Gilbert Bélisle (son of Mr. Larry-Bélisle), the mayor of Saint-Eustache Mr. Pierre Charron, Mr. Larry Bélisle, Ms. Nicole Carignan-Lefebvre and Mr. Marc Lamarre, Councillors.

The mayor of Saint-Eustache, Mr. Pierre Charron, as well as the municipal councillor of the Clair Matin district, Mr. Marc Lamarre, and the municipal councillor president of the Committee on property, heritage sites and toponymy, Ms. Nicole Carignan-Lefebvre, proceeded to the official inauguration of the Larry-Bélisle baseball field in Clair Matin park on Wednesday August 11.

“In Saint-Eustache, we consider it important to highlight extraordinary citizens, citizens committed to the community, innovative and visionary citizens who constantly advance projects for the collective good. Mr. Larry Bélisle is one of these exemplary citizens and it is with great pride that today we name the baseball field in his name. »Declared Mayor Charron in his welcome address.


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Larry Bélisle’s journey

In 1977, Mr. Larry Bélisle founded the Saint-Eustache Minor Baseball Association, while chairing the organization. Four years later, he set up the Provincial Tournoi Moustique de Saint-Eustache, which has become a staple in the provincial tournament network. In addition, in 1987 he founded the two junior teams in the region, the Dukes of Sainte-Marthe-sur-le-Lac and the Junior Élite Bisons de Saint-Eustache, bringing talents from here to join the ranks of major leagues.

In his turn, the municipal councilor of the Clair Matin district, Mr. Marc Lamarre, made a point of addressing these words during the inaugural evening: “Mr. Bélisle is the kind of volunteer who does not count his time, but on whom all the time the world can count! It has been almost 45 years since he founded the Saint-Eustache Baseball Association and during all these years, hundreds of young people have practiced this sport in an environment supervised by an army of dedicated volunteers. For all these great achievements, and the smaller ones that sometimes went unnoticed, we say “Thank you Mr. Bélisle!” “.

In addition, the municipal councilor Ms. Nicole Carignan-Lefebvre added: “It is with professionalism and rigor that all the members of the Committee on property, heritage sites and toponymy studied the application for the nomination. I can tell you that the response was unanimous! I would like to take this opportunity to salute the work of the current president of the Saint-Eustache Minor Baseball Association, Mr. Richard Gingras, for the quality of the candidacy file he has submitted to us ” .

To end the speeches, one of Mr. Bélisle’s sons, Mr. Gilbert Bélisle, came to give a vibrant testimony to his father. A man he describes as straightforward, honest, devoted and who knows how to perceive the good side of each person he meets.

After the speeches, the mayor Mr. Pierre Charron and Mr. Larry Bélisle unveiled the inaugural plaque, a framed replica of which was offered as a souvenir to Mr. Bélisle. The guests then shared a drink of friendship, while recalling significant events in the history of Eustachian baseball.