Municipal elections wrapped up last Sunday night all over Quebec. In the North Shore, perhaps the most intense moments came in Sainte-Thérèse.

In Sainte-Thérèse, at the end of an intense fight in this electoral evening, was elected mayor of the city. He succeeds Ms. Sylvie Surprenant who was the mayor since 2009. According to the numbers published on the site of the City, it is only by 69 votes that Mr. Charron can claim victory, accumulating 3,588 votes against 3,519 for Ms. Surprenant.


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Another upset came in the city of Boisbriand Christine Beaudette was elected this evening as mayor of Boisbriand succeeding incumbent mayor Marlene Cordato. Ms Beaudette run a campaign as an independent surrounded by independent municipal councillor candidates which obviously paid off. She won with 52% of the votes against a little more than 46% for Mrs. Cordato

In Blainville, Liza Poulin, head of the real Blainville party, made history as when she became the first female mayor of Blainville. It was by a strong majority over her rival Florent Gravel of the Mouvement Blainville that Ms. Poulin entered the town hall. After all polling stations were counted, Ms. Poulin won with a titanic majority of 78.45% against incumbent mayor Florent Gravel’s, 20.17% of the votes.