COVID results by txt-Text-messaging will be used only to convey negative results.

As of now, the Centre intégré de santé et de services sociaux (CISSS) des Laurentides will add text-messaging to its toolbox for sending negative test results to people being screened for COVID-19.
This feature will gradually be deployed in the region and will reduce response times while still providing written confirmation. This will have a considerable impact on people awaiting their results and on those close to them.
Ms. Rosemonde Landry, President and Executive Director of the CISSS des Laurentides, believes this new possibility will greatly improve the service in our region. “Identifying cases of COVID-19 is a crucial aspect of controlling the spread of the virus. More than 1000 tests are done every day in the Laurentians, which means just as many people each day must be given their test results so that they can comply with the required guidelines.”
Text-messaging will be used only to convey negative results. The Department of Public Health will continue to convey positive results by telephone, to ensure personalized follow-up and to begin contact-tracing without delay.