The March Council meeting in Rosemère was once more held by video-conference in order to ensure the safety of the citizens

Dimitris Ilias

The March Council meeting in Rosemère was once more held by video-conference in order to ensure the safety of the citizens and to comply with public health guidelines. Citizens were able to view the meeting live via webcast on the Town’s website.


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Mayor Westram in his opening remarks spoke about the international women’s day. “International Women’s day reminds us about the importance even today of continuing our actions to promote equality for all women” emphasized the mayor. He also reminded that in Rosemère the majority of the city council is made up of women.

The mayor also announced as part of his good news the financial assistance the city got from the Government of Quebec and the Comité Metropolitain de Montreal as part of the Trame verte et bleue program to purchase a large lot of green space called Forêt du Grand Coteau. The contribution of the two entities will reach one million dollars to help Rosemère with the purchase which will reach 1.4 million dollars.

In his final announcement, the mayor asked for a moment of silence for respect of the millions of covid-19 people who died as the first commemorative International day for covid-19 was established for March 11th.

There were 4 minor dispensation requests approved, 13 permits of the Site Planning And Architectural Integration Programme given and 4 by-law amendments.

During question period, the mayor withheld some of the answers concerning the Golf course until the 24th of March when the city is organizing an info session concerning the situation. He encouraged all concerned citizens to attend in order for the panel of experts to answer every possible question.

Some questions revolved around environmental issues including one about what steps is the city taking to reduce greenhouse gases especially since Rosemère supported by resolution the Montreal Metropolitan community’s universal citizen’s declaration on climate emergency. The mayor confirmed the support of the city and that as soon as he receives information specific to the city the council will inform the population.

The following contracts were renewed, awarded and cancelled:

  1. Contract renewal – Preparation, planting and maintenance – Flower beds and bushes
  2. Contract award – Supply of potted deciduous trees for distribution to citizens in the spring and fall of 2021
  3. Contract award – Treeazin treatment to control the emerald ash borer
  4. Contract award – Supply of coniferous and deciduous trees, both potted and with root balls, for parks and public areas.
  5. Contract award – Supply and delivery of MG-20 MTQ stone and BC 10-20 MM crushed stone
  6. Contract award – Redevelopment of Hamilton Park
  7. Contract award – Refurbishing of the second centrifuge at the water
  8. treatment plant
  9. Contract cancellation – Supply of a low-speed vehicle (VPV) electric utility

Finally, the following subsidies and donations were given to local organizations:

A 2021 subsidy to Le Petit Théâtre du Nord – “Acteur municipal” package, including

a subsidy and preferential rate for Town of Rosemère citizens and advertising

space on the organization’s platforms

A 2021 subsidy to the Leucan Laurentides-Lanaudière

And a 2021 donation to Centre Regain de vie