Plandemic: A rebuttal by Dr. Christos Karatzios

Plandemic, an upcoming documovie has caused a stir among a North American population that has to deal with an avalanche of information concerning COVID-19. Dr. Christos Karatzios, Assistant Professor of Paediatrics/Infectious Diseases at the Montréal Children’s Hospital, decided that enough was enough with the conspiracy theories which in the end endanger public health. Here is his rebuttal:

So many people have sent me the video clip of a supposedly upcoming “documovie” called “PlanDEMic” asking me what I think?


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So…what do I think? It’s like sending an FBI agent a link to the X-Files series and asking if it is true.

Is the world this gullible and dangerously naive? Or are you on the fence or actually secretly/publicly believe that this pandemic is a colossal hoax in order for the “Deep State” or “Illuminati” or some other malevolent secret society (these people target the WHO and the UN now) to set up a “One World Government”? Have all the doctors and nurses and health care workers who have fought to save the lives of all those unfortunate people who have died or come near death from COVID-19 been secretly working for this evil society? Have all those families who lost loved ones been lying to everyone? Ask yourselves if you are willing to accept this shameful theory. Have we lost all faith in our doctors and nurses? How dangerous is that for the fabric of our society?

So what do i think of Judy Mikovits, who is the “protagonist” of this trash that is supposedly a “documentary”? Here we go:

I don’t know where to start with her. Almost everything she says is a lie. She has a bone to pick with Anthony Fauci it seems. She also has a new book and needs to make money after being stripped of her job and being arrested for falsifying data and stealing lab material including laboratory cells delivered to her house “by mistake”.

She was hired in the 90s by an alcohol, tobacco, and gambling magnate in the US Midwest who has a daughter with the controversial “Chronic Fatigue Syndrome”. She was a paid researcher in his lab and she had a vested interest to make the link of a mouse retrovirus (similar to HIV) as a cause of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. His “institute” had a vested interest to come up with results so then they could create some form of therapy or cure for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. She manipulated data and came up with results that were later retracted completely from the medical literature because no one was able to reproduce them ever again.

Does this remind you of Andrew Wakefield and his study of a link between MMR vaccine and autism? It should. Robert Kennedy Jr, the lead antivaxxer in the USA,  is Judy Mikovits’s friend and collaborator. He is a supporter and sponsor of her. He wrote the prologue for her recent book. So when she says she is not “anti-vaccine” in the video, she lies. In the past she has claimed that 30% of global vaccines contain a cousin of HIV and are making us ill. In the video she claims that the flu shot makes people susceptible to “coronavirus”. By the way, she laments how patents and “Big Pharma” have tainted science. Does she forget how Andrew Wakefield actually had a secret patent to create his own measles vaccine while discrediting the established MMR? Oops. How about the fact that she worked for a millionaire tycoon out in Nevada to find the “cure” for “Chronic Fatigue Syndrome”? Oops.

The video starts by saying something like: “She is one of the most acclaimed scientists in a generation.” Who said this? Yeah…Robert Kennedy Jr.

She even performed another study for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (after the original was criticized by everyone) that showed no link with the mouse retrovirus and she even admitted to this. Her colleagues on the original Science paper that was retracted admitted to faulty science. She was eventually fired from that institute and then stole its lab material. This is why she was arrested and not for “speaking the truth”.

What she says about HIV is wrong.

What she says about coronavirus is dead wrong.

What she says about the flu shot “causing coronavirus” is completely false. The army study she quoted did not claim what she claims it did:

The study concluded that when you vaccinate people against the flu…you get immunity and stop seeing as much flu and start seeing other common viruses being more prevalent (such as cold viruses like the simple cold coronaviruses and human metapneumoviruses)…Because you are getting rid of the main culprit of respiratory disease in the winter (the flu). Therefore, you can see the background noise with common cold viruses that is usually drowned out by the massive flu when there’s no vaccine.

This was the highlight of that study:

  1. We examined virus interference in a Department of Defense dependent population.
  2. Vaccinated personnel did not have significant odds of respiratory illnesses.
  3. Vaccinated personnel were protected against influenza.
  4. Odds of virus interference by vaccination varied for individual respiratory viruses.

So what she is saying is nonsense to those not trained to pick up the gibberish she is peddling. It is dangerous nonsense during a deadly pandemic and she is simply crazy.

I think I almost fell off my chair when she stated that masks activate our own covid and we get reinfected.

The same people behind this video are the same people who believe vaccines kill, who believe Bill Gates will inject us with microchips, who believe that 5G is what is causing COVID-19, who believe that the lockdowns that happened to save our health care system before the first wave were wrong, and they are the same people who are out protesting in the US to open beaches and casinos and whatever they deem necessary. These are the same people who believe this pandemic is a huge hoax created by the Democrats to oust Trump. Notice the subtle bolding of “DEM” in “PlanDEMic”? It’s not coincidence.

I think that’s all I have to say about this person and anyone similar to her. Beware of quacks! She and others are allowed to be storytellers but if she is endangering public health, she will find herself behind bars again.

I have a job to do for which I gave an oath when I accepted to sacrifice my youth, to eventually be able to save lives; Your lives and the lives of your children.