‘Ride, Walk, Run,’ the library’s fun!

(NSN) Combining reading with physical activity. Now there’s an idea. That’s why the ‘Ride, walk, run’ library program is back again this year in Rosemère.

Rosemère officials say the program has proven itself to be a huge success, judging by the number of youngsters and grown-ups who took part last year.


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Lifestyle awareness

Running from May 2 (National Sports and Physical Activity Day) to October 26, the program raises awareness among library users about healthy, easy-to-follow lifestyles.

“I am encouraging Rosemerites to go now and get their loyalty card for this new program,” says Mayor Eric Westram. “It’s for the whole family. Take the opportunity to challenge your body and brain at the same time.”

To be able to register, all you need is a resident’s card. And, as the name of the program suggests, you have to leave your car behind to ride, walk or run to visit the library.

Chance to win the draw

Participants receive a loyalty card to be stamped by an employee at the circulation desk each time they come to the library. Every fully-stamped card (9 punches) gives the participant a chance to win the draw that will be held next October.

The town is inviting residents to register now, without delay, in order to optimize their chances to win a $500 bike, compliments of Sports Experts Rosemère and the Town of Rosemère.