Although the worst of the 2019 floods is over...
In the Town of Rosemère, some of the only flooding was in Charbonneau Park where a children’s playground on the edge of the Mille Îles River was inundated.

(NSN) Although the worst of the 2019 spring flooding crisis appears to have passed, the Town of Rosemère is asking its residents to remain vigilant while ensuring that their property is protected.

“We learned from our experience in 2017, and the town has already taken a number of preventive actions and is ready to intervene,” says Mayor Eric Westram.


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Firefighters, police and city staff continue their ongoing surveillance to ensure the safety of citizens, noted Westram. Two sand dikes were erected, one on Bélair Island and the other on David-Morris Street. A team is actually working to raise them as needed.

Courtesy called for

The town is asking citizens not to walk on the sand dikes so as not to lower them. Town officials are also requiring boaters to be civic and not to circulate by boat near zones between land and river to avoid waves.

While the spring 2019 crisis may be over, Rosemère is thinking ahead and is currently building a volunteer bank that will be contacted if needed in the future.

Those interested can write an email to Citizens can contact the Public Works Department (450 621-3500 ext. 3300) directly for any questions regarding flooding or to obtain sandbags.

In case of emergencies

For emergency calls, please call 9-1-1. Also, pallets of sandbags are available for the following key sectors:

  • Ducharme Square (near the bridge)
  • Val Chenaie
  • Thorncliff West
  • Bélair Island East
  • Earlscourt
  • Skelton (Alexandre and Béland wedges)
  • Cadieux Terrace.

If necessary, arrange sandbags where water may seep (garage, doors, windows) or around the residence.