The City of Blainville’s “Heroes of Evacuation” shortlisted for an Ovation Municipale Merit Award

On February 22, the Union of Quebec Municipalities (UMQ) unveiled the list of 26 finalist projects within the framework of the 2022 edition of the municipal Ovation merit awards. Among these projects, one can find “Heroes of Evacuation” produced by the Fire Department of the City of Blainville, in collaboration with several other departments and the Department of Public Security.

The Fire Safety Department and its partners have proposed an innovative means of educational communication in the form of videos aimed at primary and secondary school students.


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In the context of the pandemic and in the impossibility of carrying out evacuation drills in schools, the Fire Safety Department wanted to reach as many students as possible and in 2021 produced a first video aimed at elementary school children. Then, a second video was developed for secondary school students. These videos present the actions to recommend in order to evacuate a school in a safe manner, but also the behaviors to avoid, the various situations that make evacuation complex and the right actions to take. The project has generated such enthusiasm that several municipalities, and even the Quebec Ministry of Public Security, has used it.

Timeless, easily exportable, inexpensive and above all very useful, the two videos have generated more than 40,000 views on social networks alone. The finalist projects will be presented on May 12 and 13 as part of the UMQ 2022 Assises and a jury will determine the winners who will be honored at the May 13 gala which will take place in Quebec City.