Rosemère’s 2024 Calendar Goes Green: A Sustainable Approach to Distribution

In a bold move towards sustainable development and a commitment to reducing paper waste, the Town of Rosemère has decided to change the way it distributes its annual municipal calendar for 2024. Rather than delivering the calendar door-to-door, as has been the tradition, the town has adopted a more environmentally-friendly approach by making the calendar available for pickup at various municipal locations. This innovative initiative aligns with Rosemère’s environmental policy and represents a conscious effort to minimize its ecological footprint.

A Greener Distribution Method

Starting on December 6, 2023, Rosemère residents and business owners can obtain a copy of the 2024 wildlife-themed municipal calendar at several convenient points of service within the town. The calendar will be available for free at the following locations:


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  • Town Hall reception window (100 Charbonneau Street)
  • H.J. Hemens Public Library circulation desk (339 Grande-Côte Road)
  • Memorial Community Centre supervisor’s office (202 Grande-Côte Road)

By adopting this pickup-based distribution model, the Town of Rosemère aims to encourage its community to take an active role in obtaining the calendar while minimizing the environmental impact associated with traditional delivery methods. This approach not only reduces paper waste but also encourages residents to engage with their local government and explore various municipal facilities.

An Electronic Option

Recognizing the importance of digital accessibility, the Town of Rosemère is also taking steps to ensure that its 2024 calendar reaches a wider audience. An electronic version of the calendar will be made available on the town’s official website,, under the “Town/Discover Rosemère” section. Residents and interested parties can view and download the calendar in PDF format, allowing them to access it conveniently on their computers, tablets, or smartphones.

Mayor Eric Westram’s Perspective

Mayor Eric Westram expressed his enthusiasm for this eco-conscious approach, stating, “Rosemère residents and business owners who would like a copy of the municipal calendar to keep track of their appointments or to hang in a place of honour will be able to pick one up from one of these locations. We are proud to be embracing this new approach, which is directly in keeping with our environmental policy and will help us cut down on paper waste.”

Accessibility for All

The Town of Rosemère is committed to ensuring that everyone in the community has access to the calendar, regardless of mobility issues. Those who wish to receive a copy but face challenges in visiting the designated pickup locations are encouraged to contact the town’s administration for assistance. The town is actively exploring options to accommodate individuals with special needs and will make every effort to ensure they receive a copy of the calendar.