Saint-Eustache Nature Park open of cross-country skiing and snowshoeing

Although the metrological conditions are not perfect, the outdoor enthusiasts can now enjoy the ski trails cross-country and snowshoeing at Parc Nature Saint-Eustache, whose main entrance is located behind 767, boulevard Arthur-Sauvé in Saint-Eustache. The park is open daily from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. and access is free.

Richard-Giroux cross-country ski trails of cross-country


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Current conditions do not allow for mechanical snow work, but the trails are open to appeal to all types of skiers:

The tit: 2.8 km

The owl: 5 km

The fox: 6.9 km

Snowshoe trails accessible to all, even pitou!

Three courses allow snowshoe enthusiasts to walk in the Nature park:

The squirrel: 3 km

The beaver: 4.6 km

The long-distance hike, which combines the first two courses: 6.8 km

Dogs are allowed in the park, but only in the snowshoe trails. They must be kept on a leash and the owners are also responsible for collecting the droppings of their animals.

To enjoy the trails in complete safety, the collaboration of Nature Park users is requested for the smooth running of the activities:

Residents are asked to respect the direction of the trails, as indicated on the directional signs, in order to prevent crossings, avoiding walking on cross-country ski trails, which contributes to blurring the tracks; Respecting the physical distance of two meters from other park users; complying with the regulations posted on the site and demonstrate good citizenship at all times.

Use of the parking

The collaboration of residents is requested regarding the use of the parking lot at the main entrance located behind 767, boulevard Arthur-Sauvé. When parking their car, park users must not obstruct or block access to the service road of the owner traders. They must also respect the available parking spaces, even if these keep them away from the entrance to the trails on busy days, this will allow them to warm up well before practicing their activity.