Rosemère students dig in for biodiversity

(NSN) On October 8, the Town of Rosemère and students from Externat Sacré-Cœur, in collaboration with biologists Michel Leboeuf and Réjean Dumas, the Société d’horticulture et d’écologie de Rosemère (SHER) and a number of adult volunteers, planted over 300 trees and shrubs to finalize the revitalization of a Town-owned portion of the woods surrounding Sacré-Cœur Externat.

Fighting global warming

“As climate and environmental change are fundamental issues, we are proud to promote initiatives to fight global warming, while involving our community and our youth,” said Mayor Eric Westram.


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“In planting these trees today, we adults are starting to bring an air of change to our environmental habits; however, it is the young people who are taking over and are the important players in this process.

An educational activity

“In addition to being positive for the environment, this planting project is an educational activity that will give Secondary 1 and 2 students the opportunity to improve their knowledge of horticulture,” he added.

On June 8, the first part of the project was carried out: 285 trees and shrubs were planted at that time. The Town of Rosemère announced that a total of 625 trees and shrubs will be planted by next spring to revitalize the Sacré-Cœur woods. They are expected to increase in size by 50% in this way so as to improve local biodiversity.