SPECIAL POLICE OPERATION: Enforcing the vaccination passport

The Régie Intermunicipale De Police Thérèse-De Blainville (RIPTB) is informing all citizens in its territory that between Wednesday September 15 and Monday November 1, Quebec police officers will participate in a special operation which will aim at the application of the measures in link with the use of the vaccination passport in certain businesses.

The objective of this operation is to promote self-regulation of consumer behavior, and to support operators, event organizers and business owners who must apply the health measures in force, and the new rules relating to the vaccination passport.


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During this operation, the RIPTB police officers will visit the places and activities covered by the decree to ensure compliance with the rules, ranging from checking the QR code, to the identity of the people who present the vaccine passport in the shops., and the presence of the customer registration register.

The provincial strategy aims at the positive reinforcement of good practices,  and will include the possibility of writing a general infringement report when a breach is found. The RIPTB continues its work of responding to calls and citizen reporting, and its partnership with public health authorities to ensure the safety of citizens of the region.