A slew of development projects for the City

The mayoress of Boisbriand, Mrs. Marlene Cordato, announced a freeze on the property tax rate and tariffs in 2021 for all categories of buildings (residential, commercial and industrial), during the annual adoption of the budget by the city council on December 1st. The 2021 budget for the City of Boisbriand is $ 69,145,000, up 2.63% compared to 2020.

“I am very proud to table my 12th budget as mayor. This budget takes into account the new municipal reality, and allows us to continue to offer quality services while respecting our population and its ability to pay. Freezing the property tax rate will, I hope, offer taxpayers a break in these difficult times,” said the mayor.


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The City of Boisbriand received financial assistance of nearly $ 2.6 million from the two levels of government to compensate for the loss of revenue as well as the additional expenses caused by the pandemic. This assistance has made it possible to balance the budget and avoid increases in the tax burden.

“I am also announcing that the strategy to reduce the tax burden on small businesses and industries, as well as the measures for the revitalization of agricultural land introduced last year will continue in 2021,” added Cordato.

2021-2022-2023 capital expenditure program

Several projects are included in the 2021 program. These include the repair of Boulevard de la Grande-Allée (north portion), the paving of part of Boulevard Hector-Lanthier as well as the shoreline development project to restore citizens’ access to the Mille-Îles River. It is also in 2021 that the creation center (former Notre-Dame-de-Fatima church) will open its doors, depending on the sanitary measures in place.

Other expected projects include the installation of an intelligent traffic light at the intersection of boulevard de la Grande-Allée and rue Alexandre-le-Grand, the installation of lighting on the bike path BMX at René-Lévesque park as well as the installation of the wifi network in Claude-Jasmin and Jean-Jacques-Rousseau parks.

Also, an amount of $ 150,000 has been set aside for the implementation of a program for the conservation of private buildings of heritage interest. A grant request will also be submitted to the Quebec Ministry of Culture and Communications for the repair of the Abraham-Dubois house. This request will be made through the MRC Thérèse-De Blainville.

The 2021-2022-2023 capital program amounts to $ 98,212,000.

Debt control

In 2020, the total debt stood at just under $ 80 million, down $ 29 million from 2009. Currently, the debt ratio is 1.99%. It was 5.02% in 2009.

“These results were obtained despite particularly difficult economic conditions. Municipal finances are healthy and balanced, the debt is constantly decreasing, the tax burden of our taxpayers is protected and the quality of life in the various districts of the city is enhanced”, concluded the mayor.