CISSS des Laurentides honoring its volunteers

The Centre intégré de santé et de services sociaux (CISSS) des Laurentides will take the opportunity to highlight the important contribution made by its many volunteers in helping to fulfill its mission during National Volunteer Week 2020, April 19 to 25

In the Laurentians, more than 1500 individuals volunteer in some 80 establishments of the CISSS des Laurentides, are contributing to the patients’ well-being, whether directly or by participating in committees or by involvement in one of the foundations.


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“At present, because of the pandemic, we can only applaud our volunteers from a distance for all that they do, but we hope that the walls that protect us will not mute our thanks to each of them. This week exists to celebrate their work and we want to emphasize their commitment and devotion. The contribution of our volunteers is invaluable and takes many forms,” said Rosemonde Landry, the CISSS’ PDG. Their invaluable contributions are manifested everywhere:  In retirement homes, they accompany residents during activities, friendly visits, outings, medical appointments, and provide help at meal times. In hospitals, they greet patients on arrival, give them information, guide and direct them to their appointments, patrol hospital hallways to provide assistance, offer coffee or juice to patients in waiting rooms.

They also contribute their expertise to various projects. They are men and women, students, retirees, workers, young adults and grandparents from different walks of life. Each and every one of them shares a common goal: to bring comfort in sickness, to be helpful, to give back!

In other words, volunteers are passionate, very committed people, they show up every day. They generously contribute their time and energy, for free. Their presence is essential; they enhance the patients’ well-being.