Rosemère’s Blood Drive: Thousands of lives saved

In a display of community spirit and compassion, Rosemère residents came together on September 18 and 19 for the annual blood drive organized by the Town Council. This event, held at Place Rosemère and coordinated by Héma-Québec, not only exceeded expectations but also showcased the power of collective action in saving lives.

Over the course of two days, 163 individuals generously donated their blood. These selfless acts of kindness have far-reaching consequences, as nearly 600 blood products will be made available for transfusion to patients in Québec’s public hospitals. Each donation represents an opportunity to save a life, and thanks to the support of Rosemère residents, countless lives have been preserved.


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“The objective of 140 donors for the two days was successfully surpassed. I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to all those who took a moment out of their day to give blood—a simple gesture that can save thousands of lives. I would also like to thank the Héma-Québec volunteers and Place Rosemère for their invaluable support in organizing this blood drive,” stated Eric Westram, Mayor of Rosemère.

This remarkable achievement underscores the significance of community engagement and the pivotal role that local organizations play in promoting the welfare of their citizens. The Rosemère Town Council’s blood drive is a testament to the strong sense of community that thrives in this town.

Héma-Québec, a vital partner in ensuring the success of blood donation events, regularly organizes similar drives throughout the year. Residents of Rosemère who missed this particular event but wish to contribute in the future, are encouraged to keep an eye on the Town’s communication platforms for announcements about upcoming blood drives.

Who Can Give Blood?

The act of donating blood is a noble endeavor that can make a substantial impact on the lives of those in need. If you are considering donating blood, it’s important to know that anyone in good health who is 18 years of age or older is generally eligible to do so. Your contribution can be a lifeline for patients undergoing various medical treatments and procedures.

Before heading to a blood drive, it’s advisable to ensure your eligibility. You can do so by contacting Donor Services at 1-800-847-2525 or by visiting Héma-Québec’s website at and navigating to the “Can I give blood?” section on the English pages of the site. This resource provides valuable information about who can donate and any specific criteria that need to be met.