The signatories of the agreement, Mr. Brian Deslauriers, General Manager of Place Rosemère and Mr. Martin Charron, inspector at the RIPTB. Also present: Mr. Jérémie Gendron, security supervisor, Mrs. Diane Brown, director of operations at Place Rosemère, sergeant Karine Desaulniers and agent Éric Huard from the RIPTB.

On July 5, the partnership agreement between Place Rosemère and the RIPTB was renewed, more than fifteen years after the first agreement signed in October 2006. For these past years this cooperation for the smooth running of the mall has proven invaluable especially during the pandemic times.

This collaboration between the two partners aims to maintain quality standards during security interventions, involve merchants in the prevention and reporting of crime and finally maintain the feeling of security of customers, for a pleasant and safe environment!


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This partnership makes it possible to offer police services directly on the premises and to work in collaboration with the security officers of Place Rosemère and other merchants. It also makes it possible to better inform and assist customers, intervene quickly and effectively with residents and merchants, ensure a presence during special events, implement prevention projects, and ultimately offer personalized service at Place Rosemère.

“This project is part of the RIPTB’s proactive security and local service strategy. Crime prevention, the partnership with Place Rosemère and problem solving through analysis and information on emerging phenomena are part of this strategy. The presence of a police officer at Place Rosemère makes it possible to prevent a significant amount of fraud, shoplifting, thefts from and in vehicles, also allows rapid assistance to citizens and above all increases the feeling of security for customers and employees of Place Rosemère,” said Inspector Martin Charron of the RIPTB. “We are proud of the continuation of this agreement year after year. This service is, without a doubt, indispensable and essential. It helps us ensure safety for our customers, our tenants and our employees. » added Brian Deslauriers of Place Rosemère. “We would like to thank agent Éric Huard for the quality of the work accomplished.”