Reopening Hardy Park

On September 25, the Town of Rosemère officially reopened Hardy Park following major renovations carried out in the summer of 2020. The $280,000 investment really spruced up this neighbourhood park.
Chosen by and for young people, the new playground equipment was the subject of a popular vote among young Rosemerites attending the Town’s day camp and daycare services. From now on, the new Hardy Park features two large playground structures for 2-12-year-olds, vast sand areas, new street furniture lined with magnificent shrub and perennial plantings and new swings, including a parent-child three-seater!
“The objective of the project was to provide residents with a quality living environment that meets the needs of today’s Rosemère families. Who better than our youngsters to find out what young people prefer in terms of play facilities? The end result is worth the extra effort,” stated Mayor Eric Westram.
In 2021, it will be Hamilton Park’s turn to get a makeover. With a projected investment of $350,000, work is expected to begin this spring.